Match Ball (AMB110)


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  • Match Ball (AMB110)
  • Regular size ball.
  • Latex bladder for best rebound characteristics.
  • Excellent quality and durability, 100% polyurethane with diagonal pattern & glossy finishing.
  • Weight(g) = 410-450
  • Circumference(mm) = 680-700
  • Rebound(cm) =125-155
  • Please note: Ball ships deflated
  • Please note: As with all premium soccer balls, ball should be topped off with air every few days for best results.

Combined with a latex bladder type, the match ball has an excellent touch when receiving, passing, and shooting. This match ball is made from high-quality PU and the outer material features a diagonal pattern with a glossy finish. The total weight of the ball is 430g, the circumference of the ball is 690mm and the rebound is 140 cm.  A legendary match and training ball used around the world for decades for training and matches.

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